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"As a result of a connective tissue condition and numerous surgeries, I have chronic pain.  After several myofasical release sessions with Chris, I was able to babysit my infant grandchild without experiencing extreme pain.  I am starting to be able to do day to day activities like vacuum also without extreme pain."

M.F.,  Hudson WI

"I am feeling good, which I really appreciate your help getting to. My sciatic pain is gone and I am back to being active. Thank you again for getting me to this point!"

Karen S. Hudson WI

Pat's job involves a lot of computer work.  She came in with neck pain and headaches.  She'd been seeing a chiropractor who had prescribed an aggressive treatment program including at home work with a traction device, which was making her pain worse.  We did a couple of JFB MFR sessions & I suggested the use of a ball at home for self-care.  Pat reported that not only is her pain gone, it has stayed away.  Shared with permission.

Pat in Hudson

I came to Chris with numb fingers and stiff hands.  After an hour of body work I now have full use of my hands.  Thank you Chris.

Bob E in Hudson

Chris is extremely knowledgeable. I had fallen and had some injuries (no breaks but lots of bruising). I felt results immediately and two more sessions had me on the mend! I have been to Chris before for shoulder pain but nothing as serious as this and I was amazed by her knowledge and expertise!

Janet F.

I'd been struggling with tennis elbow.  The exercises my physician suggested only made the pain worse.  Normal, everyday activities were painful: taking things out of cabinets, opening items, typing, brushing teeth.  I decided to try MFR and after 3 visits the pain was subsiding and full use of my arm has now returned after a few more sessions.  Chris is very knowledgeable and skilled in her profession.

Judy in Hudson

Had a very painful injury and surgery. Chris took her time with me so I would feel comfortable and safe with the movements.. I feel like I am moving better.  Liz T.

Liz T in Hudson

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