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Myofascial Release Therapy in Hudson, Wisconsin

Helping people with stubborn pain issues form a more connected, intuitive relationship with their body.

Are you...

  • An active person who has pain holding you back from what you love in your life?

  • Open to an alternative, gentle approach to healing as an active participant within a therapeutic partnership?

  • Ready to experience a safe place to heal through bodywork?

  • Looking for John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy?

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.  I'm Chris, and I help people with stubborn pain issues have hope, get back to being active and be able to see the gifts on their journey of healing. 

All sessions at Time To Relax Myofascial Release are designed to help you heal, move and allow your energy to flow which helps relieve pain and the physical and emotional stress it creates.  

I believe we all deserve to be able to do the things we love, to relax, and to LIVE life.  We're meant to live our lives, not just be alive.

Together we'll begin the transformational journey to a more connected, intuitive relationship with your body.

Chris Ackermann, LMT WI #10828-146

Please note that a mask or face covering is YOUR CHOICE for all in-person services at this time.  Staff continue to mask.  Thank you for your understanding!

Welcome to Time To Relax MFR

Welcome to Time To Relax MFR

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Session Options

Contact me today to find out about my unique approach or schedule a myofascial release appointment by using one of the buttons below.


Myofascial Release Free Consultation

New to myofascial release, or have questions before scheduling an appointment?  Meet with Chris for this informational session and have your questions answered. In person, it also often includes a 5 - 10 minute sample of work. Masks or other face coverings are YOUR CHOICE in the studio. VIRTUAL option available via Zoom. Please get in touch with me to schedule the virtual option.


Myofascial Release -
60 or 90 Minutes

Myofascial Release is a way to work with chronic pain conditions – back pain, migraines, in a way that’s gentle and highly effective. 

I stay in places for 5 minutes or more, to help get fluid moving in those areas that are stuck again and restore range of motion and reduce pain.

This is done clothed, with the client most often in a tank top & shorts.




Quarterly Meditation

This program helps you develop mindfulness and awareness of the connections between the body, mind and emotions. This awareness will deepen your myofascial release experience.  You will be guided through the meditation with time for reflection afterwards.  For details, to see the when the next meditation will take place and to sign up click the button below.
About an hour long.


Harriet E.

"Chris has been my therapist for many years.  I am grateful for all of the sessions that have relieved many pains.  I have had a knee replaced.  When she could again do therapy she could help the spots relax and heal.  She can erase the knots in my back and neck. Thank you Chris."


“Myofascial Release is not a protocol.  It is truly individualized care.”

John Barnes


1810 Crest View Drive Unit 4A Hudson WI 54016

612 638 7981

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